Cynthia is able to assess the facts as presented by both parties with pre-trial and trial considerations. I had yet to work with a mediator with the hands-on knowledge of applicable law, but also the trial experience to reasonably discuss potential outcomes at trial. Cynthia’s trial experience also provided jurisdictional aid and analysis that I have not experienced with other mediators. Cynthia was also extremely prepared and versed on the issues presented, which certainly assisted in reaching a settlement. I have experienced other mediators who spend considerable amounts of time asking for introductions to the case and significant portions of the day are wasted due to lack of preparation and communication. With Cynthia it was clear she had control of the issues and information presented and utilized the pre-mediation time to read the materials as well as engage in thorough pre-mediation calls with the parties. Because of her preparation, our mediation day was spent entirely on substantive discussion toward a resolution. Cynthia’s patience and direct messaging also greatly assisted in reaching our settlement. At no point did I feel we were working against a clock or being asked to make unreasonable concessions to get to a resolution. While the mediation process was long, Cynthia maintained and conducted a reasoned and reasonable mediation.